My Name is Israel- Keep Pressing- 11/21/2017

My Name is Israel- (w/ Video Blog)

Did you know that not only is he a God of everything good, but that he is also aware and ordains even your struggles? People often say that everything “not good” is not of God! Not so! He gets Glory in ALL things! Him being crucified was “not good” in our sight, but in his, it was PERFECT!…So, he is a God of even the struggle!!! It’s all about how you discern a thing! And This morning just happen to be one of those morning where I praised him for even the struggle;  that I even rode to work having an entire praise session! A moment where I had a full conversation out loud with the Lord, encouraging myself and speaking over my own life. I don’t know what God is up to, but I trust him and the process because it’s his will for my entire life! Whatever he is doing in this season, I couldn’t be more ecstatic about it and I encourage you keep pressing and trusting in him also. Everyone often thinks that only ALL GOOD THINGS are God, and while that might be true, he also ordains some of the toughest situations that we face so that we can, not only grow, but he can be glorified! He is a God over everything, including your struggles, depending upon how you look at it. He creates even your struggles in order to teach you how to overcome so that he could reign! Jacob struggled with God and ended up winning. After that, his name was changed to Israel because he fought with God and WON! I dare you to fight and win and not let go until he blesses you! The devil keeps on messing, but God keeps on blessing. I am not and shall not be moved. Ready for the Greater Good!  Happy Transparent & Testimony Tuesday!!! #MyNameIsIsrael


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