Mona Lisa, Smile: Repainting the Picture…11/28/17

Mona Lisa, Smile: Repainting the Picture…


This week’s Transparent Tuesday blog is a portion of a pre-written post shared last night via my personal Facebook page that I sometimes even dread for obvious reasons. But I felt compelled to do so after I was actually led to browse and catch up to see what I may have been missing since I’m not as active, unless its for FITFM. In doing this, I’ve had what was not even a “Deja-Vu” moment, but both a vision and a dream that came to pass as God had shown me and would have more or less been in the dark, had I not been obedient to do so. The crazy thing is, when God shows me something prior to it happening, I always make sure to mention it to a source or two as I was taught to never do things without witnesses, so that when things do come to pass, then it would serve as a confirmation or revelation….And in this case it was a revelation that provided confirmation. Why? Because, it was a something that was received in the supernatural that I wasn’t quite aware of until he provided a confirming situation. But because he had already prepared me, it didn’t bother me as it could have compared to situations of my past when I was first learning. 

Anyway,  although I had already prepared a different transparency blog for today, I’m opted to share last night’s post not only as a moment of transparency but encouragement. We often deal with adversity sometimes not coming to surface until God allows it to. Sometimes he shows us things and for some and we either make note or look past it not realizing what’s really happening.  But even in this, God’s timing is perfect. 

God has shown me multiple things in visions and dreams, some of which I shared, some I haven’t (but time-stamped in my cell’s journal); some that make sense, some that didn’t. But instead of voiding it out, I noted it. Only to literally see exactly what it is he has LITERALLY shown me, without it being sugarcoated, partial, or anything; just straight to the point.  Then with that, he gave me an awesome revelation of how often we tend to paint pictures that depict how WE see a thing not always based on his principle, when he has already ordained us or created us a certain way. We are all guilty of this.  We are guilty of misjudgment, character shaming, and building assumptions off of what we FEEL rather than KNOW or on what things look like; adding our own interpretation instead of acting decently and in order as his word tells us. I myself, call it, “Impatient Prematurity.”  This is when we run with things instead of getting to the bottom if it first. And God warns us about fools expressing opinions without understanding
(Proverbs 18:2). The bible tells us to lean not to your own understanding which is something we often act upon instead of handling things accordingly. It also tells us in Proverbs 25:8-18, “Do not go hastily to court;For what will you do in the end,When your neighbor has put you to shame? Debate your case with your neighbor, And do not disclose the secret to another;Lest he who hears it expose your shame,And your reputation be ruined.” This is why God tells us HOW to properly handle situations as such in his word. And again, even I have been guilty of this. And this is my transparency, my testimony and there’s so much to learn from it. And whatever God allows, I’m really okay with that. 

But never the less, may this bless someone that is or has experienced this or is guilty of it. Either way, it’s a transparent lesson to those who are teachable and accepting! Yesterday, God was preparing me and I didn’t even know it. I was going through some things that allowed ME to hold myself back. He’s allowed my mom to speak life into me, and the proof of  her praying lit a fire up under me where he provided word after word that I shared on my ministry pages (Fbook & IG)…Not even realizing that even those words, would come into play not just to minister to the lives of others, but to me also! This is why WE always get the word that we give, FIRST! And when momma talked to me, she didn’t just encourage me, she REBUKED the things that I was feeling and even THAT encouraged me! Enjoy the message…


“I love painted pictures with extra detail. I love the artists that put their all into adding onto the work. I love that they have a sense of imagination, bringing the picture to life by “adding strokes of habit that the figure never had” in order to enhance the picture, making it their own. Perhaps, Mona Lisa never fully smiled?  Even though there’s many that aren’t the original piece created by it’s original artist, the depiction differs to THAT artist’s liking. For example, the original Leonardo Da Vinci work of Mona Lisa, depicts her wearing a dark color shirt, but the secondary artist paints her wearing a reddish shirt. 

Da Vinci’s photo of Mona Lisa gives her a slight smirk, that has been quite controversial in past years; but not quite a smile as it’s been said that those after Da Vinci, who attempted the photo, optionalized the image based on their own opinions and assumptions of what they assumed the photo should be; some having provided her with an image of a slightly larger smile. Pretty much, turning her into something that wasn’t originally intended. Even the background slightly differs…

I used this scenario to say that often people say a picture is worth a thousand words. And God creates a being in his image and doesn’t give anyone else the right to carbon copy another’s character based on their own feelings.  The artist that went behind the Original, Da Vinci (God, in this case), ultimately attempted to paint the same exact picture using his own imagination; but the imitation pic of her wasn’t worth as much as the real one that God created.  Why do WE (me also) attempt to paint other people’ s character based on our personal feelings?  Why do WE  (me also) attempt to create habits for people that they never had, and when it’s not working in your favor, to then operate in the spirit of offense? Why do WE (me also) acknowledge art out of convenience, and then when it’s our turn, we expect the most rather than being grateful for what you have birthed in spite of; only to allow our feelings to grab a hold and automatically assume the worse of the other. Why do WE (me also) not realize that we define ourselves by our actions more than those we trigger?  The point is there are more artists out there whose methods and brush strokes differ. One is not going to or should have to make an exception to please the other for neither’s validation matter if they are passionate about the work.  Painting/adding onto a painting is not gonna make the other artist do anything different than they have been if they don’t have the same intentions… Especially when they are focused on their own art.

My goal was to not say a word and go on with daily life as I always had, but God gave me authority to resist without fear; so with my discernment in between social media ministry visits and reading between lines most of what I’ve seen without even having to scroll,  and questions asked based on assumptions of others,  God literally showed me in dreams and visions what’s taking place as it’s literally happening, and right now, focused is the only thing I choose to be. AND I wanted to see how long it took before I was told that I may have sinned against thee (Matt. 18), but that never happened and I don’t feel like waiting because I have work to do. Idk what else is needed or expected other than what I’ve given. Although, thats besides the point, I’m just turning it over. I’ll do the honors! Before I Iet anything foolish distract me, I’ll reprove it first and charge it to hell, because I have sense enough to know that I’m not wrestling against anyone over my anointing but the evilness in high places. Many don’t know when they are being used even when they assume to be in order.  Could I have done this differently? Yes.  But I chose not to. Simply because I don’t have an issue. Instead, I wanted to reciprocate appropriately and I refuse to use Scripture or God to hide behind a personal point. I honestly refused to even go here because often times, the guilty speaks, but this time, the tired speaks. I understand it all so, no need for anything further. No love lost to anyone.  Each person’s journey differ and that’s understandable. I commend that and congratulate yet AGAIN.  And to any art critic/viewer that’s interested in the details of the work, be cautious while partaking in critiquing repainted work. There’s enough of Da Vinci to go around to focus on a picture that’s been renamed by a secondary artist when the only one that matters is God.  And please, any and everyone, when repainting a pic, just make sure that when the picture is done, it tells a concrete story!

Don’t judge one’s battles on what you cannot see and then run with it or make an assumption(s) based off emotion because you didn’t get more than what you felt entitled to. There are many people that draw back when they have much going on to maintain their focus and I, for one, been this way forever!!! Pretty much everyone knew this of me (I thought). And for the last 5 months (even last 2 years on and off- Hiatus’ of meditation), that’s been MY consistent truth! Nothing new. 

Again, this is another reason why I choose the decision to not to do social media except I post ministry and very limited of my personal.”


The purpose of all my blogs are to use my own situations to encourage because I strongly believe that in order to lead and in order to reach the masses, you must be transparent. There is nothing that I do for the likes or man or because it sounds good. I will do it even if its for no one other than myself. So, I hope this encourages the person that has went through this very thing while attempting to focus on all that you have going on; as well as the person that may struggle with this issue, as being on the other side of things. It’s okay to speak your truth as long as its decent and in order; and its okay to ask questions when you are unsure of something before creating something that could have been prevented. Get to the bottom of it, FIRST. If not, then it becomes, “Well now, I know!” 

And knowing is “half” the battle!


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