The Reminder: Somebody Prayed for Me- 12/05/2017



Alongside my mom, my husband is my greatest encourager when I deal with personal battles. But sometimes my mom is not only mom, but my spiritual mentor and covering as well. She is the wisdom that’s seen some things and can relate, and even sees me (in vision & spirit) at my lowest.

On last week, momma lit a fire! Apparently, she didn’t just speak life, she breathed it into me. She must’ve sent up some prayer! Because although God was talking all before, he’s doing some major talking right now! The atmosphere has truly shifted… And all that I have been holding, is now being released, one word after another.  If God, puts it in you, when he tells you to GO, GO! Don’t put it off for selfish OR selfless reasons. Don’t get into the groove and then stall based on what it looks like to you, or to spare anyone else in the process.  There are times when God does allow you to be a little selfish in order to serve his purpose; and there are times when he will use an unfortunate situation to not only bring things to the forefront, but to also allow his will to be done to get to where he’s taking you, as well as getting the Glory in the end. To some, it’s not what it may seem, however, in some instances, God okays the fact that it’s not your duty to make it make sense.

The last month has been very intense and yet very interesting, spiritually. He has been showing me one thing after another and now things are finally coming to a head. Just Sunday, God placed another personal word of encouragement that was literally only four words total, but spoke such great volume. I saved and time-stamped the word into my cell as always and no later than an hour and a half later, the VERY SAME word came to fruition through someone else! This is why, it pays to sometimes tune everything and everyone else out so that you can focus and hear God for yourself. You owe no one any explanation of why you do what you do; especially if God is leading you. Your private prayers, will later become public victories and this is what was revealed to me based on experience and obedience. That being said, the things that God has been revealing are more than amazing. The dreams and visions are all coming to pass in more ways than one. Some of which, were bits and pieces that he later added on to, having them to later come together.

When certain things come together without a struggle and literally fall into your lap, you aren’t to get overwhelmed and not move, you are to pray and ask God to guide you for directions and to order your steps as you go. The bible tells us that the blessings of the Lord maketh one rich and addeth no sorrow (Proverbs 10:22).  I needed to be reminded of this and so much more. When my thoughts started to go left of where God wanted me to be, he used my mother to cover me as she always does and remind me of why I was chosen for such a time as this, in the first place. I needed to know.  I needed to be reminded of the people (strangers) that he allowed in my path that saw the Glory and offered help. I needed to be reminded that my hearing and seeing is not in vain; that he had gifted me with that ability since my youth; to not only use it to help others, but also myself. I had to be reminded that I’ve come entirely too far to let the enemy confuse me. I had to be reminded that his word does not come back void and there are things that must come to pass; that his promises shall be fulfilled until the day of judgement. I had to be reminded that no one knows what I’m dealing with while assumptions are made for the word states, “Go not forth hastily to strive, lest thou know not what to do in the end thereof, when thy neighbour hath put thee to shame. (Proverbs:25:8). I had to be reminded that I needed to use my discernment to test everything so that when God gives me a vision or a dream, I will no longer be surprised, but take heed. I had to be reminded that I owe nothing to any man, but to love them so that it fulfills the law of Christ (Romans 13:8); not even an explanation; for any personal issue that I have, I take to God. I had to be reminded that God affirms and that cannot be taken.  I had to be reminded that greater is he that is in me, than he that is in this world (1 John 4:4). I had to be reminded that the world love their own and that I am only IN the world, but not OF the world (John 17:14-15); which explains a lot of what I face daily.  I had to be reminded that gravity I had to be reminded that I am to be careful of casting my pearls to those unappreciative of it or only to be blasphemed, persecuted rather publicly or privately and it end up as lost labor, all because it was, “ME.” I had to be reminded that when I go up, things come down that God allows; that he takes away in order to add onto. I had to be reminded……..and let me tell you, I’m so glad that I was! Somebody prayed for me….


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