Your Season is Near: Don’t get weary! – 12/12/17

It’s testimony/transparent Tuesday. And guess what? Your Season is Near!! Even though it’s your time (preparation and positioning, transitioning, and labor), it’s almost your turn. You’ve laid everything in its rightful place and have just about positioned yourself where God needs you to be so that you can reap the benefits of the reward. Don’t give up just yet. Your  turn is coming right up. What’s for YOU is for YOU no matter what it looks like right now. You just have to be in the right place at the right time. Oh, and the guy’s stuff was only about 10 bucks compared to what we had!!! Goes to show you, when God is in something, it doesn’t matter who has what  or if your you have more baggage than those that he uses to bless you. Because it was purposed to take place, it will! Don’t get weary!!! But get ready to PUSHHHHHHH!  Keep going.  #Testimony #Transparency #Blog #VLOG #SmoothiePowderOnMyHands #ItsOkay #AllGood #MinistryFirst #Ha

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