QTNA: Put on the Ephod- Consult before you Pursue (Reminder) – 12/19/17

QTNA (Questions that need answers)

This week, I plan on focusing on the key points of the previous message to bring clarity to some of the calamities that we sometimes help to create. Often times, we fail to go to God for ourselves and then look for answers through others or operate out of fear without consultation. Why do we fear the things that we ask for? Why do we ignore or overlook what we prayed about when it surfaces? What is a contributing factor of this sort of confusion that God is not the author of? Why don’t we always consult with him first instead of acting out per our flesh; only to create our own Ziklag moments? David, being fearful of his enemy, did the “unthinkable” based on his personal feelings without consulting God. Even though he believed God, he ran FROM the very thing that God allowed. The Prophet Gad told David to return home, but he refused, allowing himself to live a lie while befriending a known enemy and acting the part of who he wasn’t. Why do WE choose to do this? Why do WE depend on the word of others, when we should go to God for ourselves and obey the spirit of the Lord that we are “supposed” to have dwelling within us? Why don’t we sit still and see the salvation of the Lord, long enough to recognize what’s happening? Providence is God’s will and what he allows. Nothing happens by accident. Your free will plays a role against “God’s will.” No matter what he allows, he knows before you do what decision you will make! Position (come to) yourself and put on the Ephod! When you do, THEN will you OVERTAKE the enemy! #QTNA

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