What are you Expecting? (#Greater2018) 01/02/18


Wow! Can you believe that it’s 2018, already??? They say that time flies when you are having fun. Or does it, really? This is the first blog of the New Year and I am over-excited about what God is getting ready to do in the life of my family and I. I often see many people criticize those that go with the “New Year. New Me,” catch phrase; and to an extent I understand why that could be, even though it never really bothered me. To each its own, right? Me personally, I am a go-getter. I am one that once I put my mind toward something and mean it, I go after that very thing no matter how long it takes me. Now, don’t get me wrong….I have also been the procrastinator, as well as one that has started many tasks and ended them prematurely due to discouragement, sometimes without picking them back up. That’s the human part of me. But where I am now, God will not allow me to quit no matter how many times it crosses my mind.

The problem is, many people wait on “A NEW YEAR” to start fresh. When in fact, every day is a NEW DAY, that  brings forth NEW MERCIES! Why wait until a new year? I’ve been working all  year long to get to where I stand today. HOWEVER, please let it be known that because I’ve made it to SEE yet ANOTHER year, that this year I’m claiming #GREATER! I’m expecting this year to be better than the last, in a whole. Each day, I plan to keep my focus where it counts to get things done. I have many goals and visions,  and as long as I do what’s required of me, then they shall come to pass. I have not only spiritual goals and “GOD” goals, but also personal and familial goals as well. But in all, I want the Lord to lead and guide me during the process.

I cannot and may not share what all of those goals are, but once they come to fruition, not only would I have achieved them, you will know that God has provided the provision for all visions. He has been pouring into our ministry left and right like crazy without even having to ask and these last two weeks alone, have amazed me. I can only imagine what is to come! When God gives you a preview, you can be sure that the expected end is #GREATER!          

During the process, you will come to learn as I have, that some of what’s required of you, will not come easy. Decisions will not be easy; but you must do what God has spoken of, even if it hurts. That means “LETTING GO.” People often do not realize that its actually easier to “Let go” first, and then let God, than to keep holding and stalling, causing God himself to do the separating because you refuse to. He gives you the free will to make certain decisions, but if you fail to do what you know is right, the consequences, as well as the process, becomes even more difficult.

2017 has truly taught me some things just from observation alone. I am amazed at myself at how much I have not only discerned, but noticed just by remaining silent and watching while praying. I do believe that people have “accidentally” shown me who they were and then dressed it up later as if I hadn’t noticed the first time. I do believe that God had ordered some things to happen in a particular fashion to prepare me  for what’s to come. I do believe that he used the past hurt, to strengthen me for the next round of similar situations. I do believe he showed me open visions and dreams that caught me by surprise, so that I wouldn’t later be surprised when it actually happened. God did nothing last year that I did not learn from. This is why I have no choice but to believe in #GREATER for 2018!

Understand, that it’s perfectly fine to be a new you in a new year. However, just know that at the end of 2018, that saying will be null & void if you have done absolutely nothing to prove it! Work while you wait in expectancy! You’ll then see the results of your labor! Speaking from experience, I am NO PLACE near where I used to be! #Greater2018 #NoHoldsBarred #FITFM #

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