Basking, even in despair, breeds “Increase”- 01/09/18



I just wanted to bask in the goodness and glory of God. Lately, he has been speaking to me, showing me things, and even providing divine revelations through various means. The great thing about it, is that literally everything that had been foreseen or heard is literally coming to pass until it feels like “real time.” I can tell and feel that my steps are being ordered and that my obedience is paying off.  I’ve dedicated my focus to him a great deal all before, but I must honestly say that my spirit is completely sensitive to him at this point. The things that he has been showing me and preparing me for are out of this world, amazing. Although, I can easily want to rush things, I’d rather take my time and trust his timing for me. What makes things easier is being confident in his promises knowing that they must be fulfilled.  The revelation(s) have been so funny that I have been finishing sentences and able to prove the things that he had spoken beforehand. It’s helping to not only build my strength, but also building my relationship with Christ.

In this time, even while in uncomfortable positions, I still manage to remain above water. I still manage not to lose sight of him and to keep pushing regardless of what may come up against me. I’m learning more that it is sometimes in a corner, that seems hard to move in; under a rock that seems heavy to lift up; or even in a dark place, that seems like I cannot see, is when he gets most of his glory simply because I realize that he is the only way out; and it is in those positions and places where you find increase.

Everything won’t be easy, nor comfortable, but as long as you believe that he has a perfect will for you, and you allow him to lead and guide you, then all will continue to be well. If you are backed into a corner, remember that he is THE CORNERSTONE. If  you are under a rock that seems too heavy to move, remember that he is THE ROCK, and will move on your behalf. If you are in a dark place, remember that he is THE LIGHT, that shines brighter than anything you may encounter! So, no worries; bask in his goodness and glory in advance knowing what’s coming up next, and I guarantee you, it’ll all be worth it!

Happy Tuesday!

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