The world that we have become accustomed to…..01/16/18


Strange world we live in; yet many are programmed to think exactly how the world turns…But if we would just learn how to operate in “Faith over Fear” while learning to trust “God over Everything,” things would be so much easier. I wrote this message months ago as well as many others that I held onto (some are over a year old also), and it tugged on me that today is the perfect day to share this particular message. It’s lengthy, but it’s worth it. While it may be merely an opinion for many, its truth for me. Being a person of observation, sometimes pinpointing more than others may notice, I tend to keep many mental notes and remain silent, giving consent to my thoughts. While all things aren’t to be shared, there are things that God places on hold, either until it surfaces or until his timing is right. My flesh wants me to sometimes do what “I” want to do, but his spirit causes me to be obedient. While, it’s hard to undo some things or to dismiss things that I may have borne witness to, one thing that I have learned and feel passionate about is believing exactly what God shows me, tells me or allows me to encounter. When his spirit rests upon your life, you sometimes find it very hard to ignore what you KNOW is him. There are things I wanted to “go against the grain” about, but then the feeling of his presence weighs heavy. I just can’t, neither will I ever go against the things that God has shown me. When you know what you know, you just can’t “UN-KNOW” it. I’d be a fool NOT to believe.

However, such as the world that we live in, things are at its oddest; even in our personal lives, but yet it all makes sense to God. The last few years have taught me a LOT. But, the more that I mature, the more that I take in. We live in a place where we sometimes automatically think beneath what things can or should actually be. We’ve sadly become accustomed to certain mannerisms & behaviors, as well as how we view things. So, one day, way back when, I sat at work and what’s coming up, I jotted down in deep thought and wanted to share…..


The World that we have become accustomed to……

It’s sad that we live in a world where everything is looked at as a form of competition instead of an opportunity of growth; a world where many people have had goals and dreams for years with a lack of support to keep from getting ahead; a world where the people who carry callings and have been chosen, have to literally bridle their tongues to keep peace and wait on God to fight the battles that are right in front of them, just because of the overly opinionated person; a world where people are not so much afraid, but would rather not do the things they were waiting to do because of those who are looking and waiting for their next move, just so they can attempt to prove a point that’s incorrect; a world where gifted and/or anointed people are often overlooked, just because it’s legitimate; a world where numbers and knowledge of knowing God’s word is more popular than actually living it, but true oil is not acknowledged or respected; a world where the spirit offense is at an all time high due to some sort of conviction that we refuse to acknowledge; a world where people will pull you back down into a bucket just to use you to climb on top of  and act as though you or your contributions never mattered; a world where people will use everything you possess, but won’t help you put it to use; a world where people would rather support you on social media at their own convenience and behind closed doors, but never in public; a world where people will give you false congratulations and well wishes, but only once they’ve gotten over the reality of your blessings; or even give a false/vain congrats just to say that they did; then there are others that just won’t. Never the less, we are living in a world where it seems to be more of an “every man for themselves” mentality, more than they recognize, themselves; a world where self-edification has become popular without notice; a world where people fail to realize that there is a difference between confirmation, revelation and information; a world where people will hear a word and lack he discernment to know if it’s THEIR world or time; or a world where many don’t know the difference between their time and their turn; a world where people will go through hell and high water and do things that don’t make any sense to keep up with the next one, only to face hardship; a world that when you decided to pull away from society to focus on you, you become the enemy; they will assume you’re everything else, except going through, or GROWING through; a world where people demand your support, but theirs is rarely (if ever) reciprocated; a world where people actually think it’s okay to only contact you when they need you, rather it’s for personal gain, prayer, a word or gossip; a world where instead of rejoicing over one’s blessings, we get in our feelings and bend over backwards trying to prove our own lives; we live in a world where right isn’t right or wrong isn’t wrong, but it’s all according to whichever way the wind blows or WHO the person is; a world where people have come to believe in a higher power or A GOD, but don’t believe in Jesus Christ, but still can’t explain waking up in the morning; the same people who defame and perform blasphemy and cannot figure out why they are losing more than they gain; a world where people will publicly attempt to humiliate those only using their success because they have no real reason of their discord; a world where people gain and receive things via sin and then turn around and call them blessings; a world where parents do not feel the need to sacrifice for their children, because they feel their needs are more important; a world where women will settle only because they are too content to get out there and make things happen for themselves or their children; a world where people will shun the truth, but believe a lie because it sounds good to their ears; a world will people will shun YOU for keeping it honest and then having reaped the consequences; a world where we make decisions and then seek God, AFTER; a world where people get a kick out of a “prophetic word” and the HYPE of a church but can’t take the heat of true anointing or carry no fire themselves; a world where instead of fixing a problem, we contribute to it; a world where people would rather ignore you than to provide honor where it’s due; a world where so many households with children are broken because of the lack of being on one accord, and then refuse to comprehend that a house divided cannot stand; a world where social media can be used to bash profusely rather true or false, and the offender becomes popular based on their level of ignorance—this is when you find out how people really feel based on their cosigners; a world where people would much rather feed off of negativity than success; a world where it’s okay for a man to make multiple children and not take care of them, only to bash that mother that chooses to ask for support – or vice versa, when a mother places a GOOD father on child support out of spite and desperation; a world where a man can hit a woman and some will say, “She probably deserved it;” a world where a shepherd can manipulate God’s word and sheep, and then accuse them of being offended when they notice what’s taken place; a world where preachers and “PROFITS” (even those who are not) are now willing to pimp their gifts for a name, than to earnestly care about souls; a world where the president can commit online bullying, ALL DAY LONG, while there are others taking their own lives behind the same; ….Some world we live in!

While, I can truly say that because God’s promises are “yay and amen,” I am blessed to be a witness after believing that he is God over Everything! After having to not only bear witness to these things, but also once being a victim and offender, I have learned the importance of operating in “Faith over Fear” in this place. I cannot persuade anyone to live in what they refuse to believe, but I will continue to encourage based on my own transparency and experience. So please, do not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God (Romans 12:2). It counts!!! Don’t let these things be your New Norm. There’s so much to life in this world than this! Make it count. Do what makes sense. Not what’s popular. And when doing what’s best for you in the eyes of God, you owe no explanation to live according to his will for you.

Happy Tuesday!

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