Monique McFadden is a God fearing wife, mother and ordained Minister and Founder of “Favor in the Field Ministries ( who seeks to give God glory in all that she sets out to do. Her goal in life is to help make a difference in lives of others just by doing the will of God. Where she is in life today, she has the biggest passion to live for Christ. Never in a million years would she have expected to be in this place.  Saved, holyghost filled at 14 years of age and strayed away tremendously to build today’s testimony. Thank God for the teachings of her mother and grandmother who strongly believed in “training up a child.” If it wasn’t for being brought up as such, there is no telling where she would be. She often recognizes that she was that prodigal child that was in a foreign place, but soon found her way back home. Here at the corner, you will witness many of the things that she has experienced that she is very open to being honest about; much of what you would have never even imagined.

The struggles that she had endured have been extremely great, but God has been greater; and with her testimony(ies) and all that God places on her heart, she hopes to lead by example.  She is a person that understands that she is not perfect by far, but her imperfections help produce a better SHE through Christ Jesus. For we all have sinned and fall short of his glory (Romans 3:23); but she keeps the scripture in the back of her head daily,  “Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus,” as she strives to be a better person each day and to live more like him.  She admits that sometimes she does get a little weary & overloaded day in and day out with issues, but has learned to seek help from God. And although she may not be where she wants to be, she’s definitely grown from where she once was.  Monique just wants to be a willing vessel used by God for his Glory and not her own.

Monique has many gifts under her belt that he is grateful for; a transparent motivational speaker, visionary and leader of “Marriage Matters :The Marriage Bed” Marriage ministry (FITFM), and has recently earned her certification as a Life Coach. She is a wife of a loving husband  that is eager to help push her in the right direction and vice versa and helps to uphold and uplift her ministry. She tries to live a life that is pleasing not only in the sight of God, but also in the sight of her confidant, so that she can also be a light to him the same that he is to her.  Her light has drawn her husband closer to God in which they chose to both walk the same path;  and comfortably and willingly,  she allows him to lead as she will continue to follow.  She is also a mother to three beautifully gifted children in which they raise them in accordance to God’s word ( Proverbs 22:6). She is a daughter, a sister and a friend, but most of all, a child of the King. Welcome to the corner!