In Case you Missed It…Archived Blogs

If you are anything like me, sometimes you need to be reminded of God’s sufficient grace and how far he has brought you! We face “In Season” and “Out of Season” dilemmas often, but we mustn’t forget that the SAME GOD that did it before will do it again!!! Here, you will find the Links to archived blogs that may minister to your definite needs. 

May 2016

Faith in a Pitiful Place

Who you wit….Dissipate!

Love is what Love Does…Forgivness

Finally Friday

June 2016

A Moment of Transparency..Change isn’t always inevitable; It depends on YOU! 

Thankful Thursday! 

Finally Friday….You are what you speak, think, believe or dwell on! 

A New Day, A New Start….Happy Monday!

He Will Make a Way

How’s that Working for you? 

It’s Finally Friday….Testimony

Decree & Declare your week…Happy Monday

Pray Without Ceasing

Uninvited Guest, Unexpected Blessings

Finally Friday…God is our Strength 

Do Something About It

What happens when you Wait on God…

Don’t Give Up

You Have Won Again


Can’t Touch This! When Your Struggles Birth Favor….

Testimony/Transparent Tuesday

Let Us Pray- Audio

What About your Friends? Love the Hell out of them….

July 2016

Finally Friday….

Praying in a Dark Place

Keep Praying

He’s Intentional

When Their Smile Doesn’t Match their Demeanor 

W.O.W Wednesday

Confusion Is NOT of God


Steal Away

Equal Opportunity Employer 


Seasons Change

The Music Doesn’t Stop…Higher Heights, Deeper Depths

Playing the Hand that You’ve been Dealt

Under Attack, But It Is Well

Forward March

August 2016

Patience, Promise, Preparation….

He Knew…He Knows


We Made It

Another New Beginning

Your Past is Your Past…Best For Last 


The Front Line 

The Shell, The release, The Revelation….


In Your Lane; Not Mine

September 2016

F.E.A.R.- Unbothered 

Gods timing…Delayed is NOT denied

Obedience Birth Blessings 

The Response

From Tragedy to Triumph

October 2016

Be Encouraged

Ain’t No Half Steppin 


The Revisit: Under Attack, But It Is Well 

You Don’t Want These Problems

Burdens & Barriers; Heaviness & Hurdles

In Awe of You 

Don’t be Surprised

Out With the Old, In With the New

November 2016

The Pride That Kills Vs. The Power of Forgiveness

The Epidural…What’s your Posture Saying? 

December 2016

It’s Almost Time: 2017 Awaits


Don’t Dummy Down 

Dear 2016: Leaving it all behind

Iron Sharpens Iron 

A Quick “revelation” Moment

The “Aha” moment

Transparent Tuesday: Pet Peeve 

January 2017

Transparent Tuesday: Restoration in Progress

The disposition: Won’t He Do It? 

Been There, Done That: A story to tell


February 2017


I’m Guilty (Poem)


Follow The Leader? 

March 2017


April 2017

Passion Can Be Seen Even in you Hurt

Willing to Serve (Notice): Don’t Panic

Quality vs. Quantity (Supply/Demand): Price Protection Plan 

I Officially Said, “YES”

May 2017

Quick Message: Motive

Strange Conversation